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The Short Sale Masterminds is a board of California State licensed professionals within a diversified group of experts, representing independent real estate companies with no boundaries, that come together to share a common goal, by giving valuable information to each real estate partner that will assist ‘one homeowner at a time’ that is confronting today’s real estate homeownership challenge.


For many distressed homeowners, making the decision to try to keep their home can be devastating.  Some try to meet the endless hurdles and road blocks put up by the lending institutions only to find themselves denied the retention of their home.   Others try to persevere through the seemingly vaguely revised promissory notes in favor of greedy investors, for cash or at a minimum option of keeping a deficiency open against a borrower.  Most consumers will say, after a seemingly tireless end of lost paperwork that the banks were unwilling to work out options for them to stay in their home and just give up to the overwhelming process.


We witness unfair and unethical treatment by bureaucratic lending institutions.  We see real estate practitioners attempting to take on a short sale, but lack the skills required to complete these very complicated transactions.  The Short Sale Masterminds have a track record of being proactive, knowledgeable and ethical;  are able to “cross the line” to our real estate partners, sharing up-to-the-minute information and expertise for the benefit of each consumer;  having a belief that clients should be treated with respect and sensitivity; assisting the homeowner, whether it be for home retention or the difficult choice to walk from their home; and lastly, to assist in the negotiation of a seller’s lien with the banks, to relieve a possible deficiency or foreclosure or worse, damage of their credit during this untimely process.  We are extremely efficient in expediting our short sales, are aggressive negotiators and typically find a successful resolution for our homeowners. 


So how does the homeowner make the difficult decision to leave their home and children’s neighborhood friends to become a renter again?   We know it is a difficult decision.  We offer our clients a professional referral base of real estate attorney’s, CPA’s, foreclosure prevention/home retention counselors, credit experts, estate planning & asset preservation experts, property managers and even moving companies.  While we can’t make the decisions for the banks, we understand the steps necessary for a conclusion.


This is why we exist and we feel it sets us apart from other real estate agents.  We share a common goal and look for resolve to find our clients answers to today’s turmoil and the quickest road back to Homeownership.

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